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Angelo Falls Off His Rocker. Signs Brandon Lloyd

So you have a team who has lost its top two receivers and might lose another.  What is the best way to fix the solution?  Maybe try to trade for Chad Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald?  Maybe make a run at Randy Moss?  Go after a big name free agent, like Bryant Johnson or D.J. Hackett?

Not if you are Bears GM Jerry Angelo.  He sees things a different way.  He saves money by signing a former player and a random cast away from every team he has been on.

The Bears signed ex-Redskins reject Brandon Lloyd to a one-year deal.  Lloyd had 2 receptions for 14 yards in 8 games with the Redskins and in a year that Santana Moss was banged up for most of it.

Lloyd played for OC Ron Turner back in his University of Illinois days.

Listen, I am for signing a guy, we need a guy, but what exactly about this guy makes him a good pickup aside from the fact that we probably got him cheap and for only one year?