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Another One Bites The Dust, Seattle Signs Julius Jones

I can't begin to wrap my head around what Jerry Angelo's plans are heading into the draft.  Maybe he has a masterpiece of a move up his sleeves and is just waiting for the right time to give us the big Ta Da!  He is just going to open the empty box and miraculously Marion Barber III steps out.

What I do know is that between the Bears offensive line and running back combo, we are in a state of disarray.  We have an aging line that doesn't seem able to open any holes except to let the defense through.  And our running backs...where do you start?  Cedric Benson is never going to be a great back until he can drop this sense of entitlement he has.  Adrian Peterson isn't likely more than a special teams ace and third down back and Garrett  Wolfe is nothing more than a trick play, change of pace back.

All that said the competition that Angelo promised us is slowly disappearing.  Dallas Cowboy free agent running back Julius Jones has signed a deal with the Seattle Seahawks.  The deal is for a reported 4 years at 12 million.  Jones hasn't been able to duplicate his rookie success, but does have ability and with the right line and offense may still be a player, just not for the Bears.