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Marty Booker Wants #1 Spot

On the deciding factors for Marty Booker signing with the Bears instead of with a team like the New England Patriots who showed interest was playing time.

In New England he ends up being third string, but in Chicago, with our mess of a receiving corp he just might get that shot.

"It will be good to get back to that role," Booker said via teleconference Thursday, two days after agreeing to two-year, $3.5 million deal with his former team.

"When I was traded to Miami, it was a point where I had to take the back seat to being No. 1. I didn't get the opportunities I would have liked. But to come back and help out the young guys and hopefully be that No. 1 guy, it's a role I'm comfortable with. It's a role I'm ready to accept."

Again, I don't mind Marty Booker and I don't mind the Bears bringing him back, but he is not a #1 by any definition other then possibly his spot on the depth chart.  No team is game planning Booker and they are not double teaming him.

I do however get the feeling that he will be #1.  I think the Bears are hoping Devin Hester improves enough that they can put him in at #2.  And to that point if he does drastically improve, maybe that helps Booker, but as it stands I am not comfortable with that setup.