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Bradnon Lloyd Plays For Free

I've been critical of the way the Bears have handled free agency this year.  Apparently, they are the only team in the league that either a) wants thinks to be quiet and a secret or b) are the only ones who know how to keep things quiet and a secret.

The signings of Marty Booker and Brandon Llyod are not an upgrade to what we have.  Both have their usefulness though.

And while I was initially against the signing of Lloyd, I am a little less upset now that I saw his contract numbers.

Lloyd has a one year deal worth 645,000 dollars the league minimum for the amount of years he has in.  It comes with a 40,000 dollar work out bonus and has no signing bonus.  Lloyd needs to get back into team's good graces after the mess he made in Washington.  Maybe we get lucky and it was enough to get his head straight.

That said I still think some we need to look for another veteran to put back their.