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WCG Mock Draft Challenge

I thought it would be cool to run this challenge for just both the regular draft and for the Bears pick.

I don't think we need to do anything fancy with it as far as scoring goes.  I am planning on just assigning values for each pick in reverse order, so the first pick is worth 32 points and the 32nd pick would be worth 1 point.  I am willing to switch that back and make the back end picks worth more since they are harder to pick if you'd like.

For the 1st round I am looking for player and position only.  If you pick a player to be picked at 10, but the team at 10 moves back to 14 and still gets that player, it is still wrong.

For the Bears list, it will be easier to track, so I can work off of just get the players correct.

The initial tie break will be who has the most correct picks, so if you correctly guess the 1st pick and get 32 points, but miss everything else, you'd loose to somebody who has 32 points, but guessed the last 7 pics or so of the draft correctly.

Send EMAILS ONLY.  You do not have to take part in both to play.  Include pick numbers and player (one for each spot please, no either ors).  Please have it in a format that is easy to read.  Also please include your WCG userid.

If you send me incomplete lists, I'll send the email back, but I am not going to keep track of whose was sent, so that is on you.

I am open to ideas on other ways to score if you'd like to offer something else.

As far as prizes go, I have a few left over Bears things I can send, depending on on how many people  tie for the first spot.  I you have anything better to offer as a prize I am open to hearing from you.

Thanks and enjoy!