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SBN Mock Draft - Round 2

So after our Draft guy and I came to an agreement to disagree with my first round selection of Rashard Mendenhall, we shook hands and decided to agree on the second round selection.

With the 44th pick, the Chicago Bears selected Anthony Collins, Offensive Tackle, Kansas.

The pick netted us an A.  This was a pretty obvious pick, though I did look elsewhere.  I considered only for a brief second Chad Henne, but the chance that he plays this year is slim to none.  Collins on the other hand gives us immediate depth and is only an injury or poor play away from being a key ingredient.

I heavily considered Chilo Rachal, the offensive guard out of USC.  He has played bigger and better opponents and has a nasty attitude, but he could be around at our first #3 pick, so this would be a reach.

What's your take?