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WCG Mock Draft Challenge Redux

So here we are again.  A little more than one week to go to the day in which team's draft for the future (depending of course if you believe we are rebuilding).  

I came at you last week with the idea if a mock draft challenge.  This time I have a better idea of how it is we are going to run it.

Option 1 - Full First Round

Since all the experts seem to get the first picks right this one will be in reverse order, weighing more points on the back end.

Picks 1-10 are worth 1 points
Picks 11-20 are worth 2 points
Picks 21-30 are worth 3 points

Super Bowl Champion NY Giants is worth 5 points

Acceptable correct picks:

If you have the Bears taking Chris Williams at 14 and they trade back and still get Chris Williams at 20, that is a correct pick.

If the Bears move back to 20 and whoever they trade the #20 to takes Chris Williams you are correct.

Tie Breakers:

  1. Most correct picks based on the team, player and position they start the draft at.
  2. Most correct picks based on team and player.
  3. Chicago Bears pick at 14
  4. Chicago Bears pick from any number
  5. NY Giants pick
Prize: (This is based on receiving at least 10 entries)

I have a copy of Kenny Mayne's new book An Incomplete and Inaccurate History of Sport: . . . and Other Random Thoughts from Childhood to Fatherhood .

Option 2 - Chicago Bears Full Draft

Give me a complete Chicago Bears draft through all rounds.

Each pick is worth the number of the round, so if you are correct with round 1 you get 1 point, if you correctly select who we draft in the 7th you get 7 points.

Acceptable correct picks:

For this one I don't care about the position.  If the Bears select that player you get the points for that round.

Tie Breakers:

  1. Most correct picks
  2. Most correct picks per draft number
  3. Some arbitrary question I'll ask if there is a tie that goes this far
Prize: (This is based on receiving at least 10 entries)

I have a copy of Game of My Life: Chicago Bears by Lew Freedman.