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Lance Briggs Isn't Staying Long

The Bears investment in Jamar Williams and Michael Okwo when they thought Lance Briggs might be leaving may pay off in the end, be because Briggs is working on short timer's disease.

Briggs signed a six year deal with the Bears when he found the market to be dry for his services.  The deal is worth 36 million dollars, but the Bears can void the deal after two years.

If you recall the deal had an extended roster bonus of 3.6 million in the 2010 season; the bonus normally due in March was pushed back to June.  Briggs has already missed out on 250,000 from a workout bonus he missed by not showing up to workouts.

The word is Briggs is unhappy about his deal and this is his way of showing his unhappiness.

My thought is Briggs needs to shut the hell up and play ball.  Is it the Bears fault his agent and he misread the market?  Is it the Bears fault that Briggs completely turned off clubs with the tactics he used last year?  Is it the Bears fault he signed our contract?  I think not.

If Briggs were with us past the 2009 season I'd be shocked.