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Chad Johnson To The Bears V.2.0

So apparently Chad Johnson doesn't want to play for the Bengals any longer.  The Bengals have no plans on giving him up, so this should be a no story, but as it were the Bears don't have a #1 receiver, so connect the dots and rumors can be born.  David Haugh decided to jump the gun and beat the rumors, but telling us why bringing in Johnson is a bad idea.

The thought of Johnson forcing a trade that lands Ocho Cinco in Chicago, an idea floating around talk radio and cyberspace again Thursday, is muy loco.

Crazy in any language, that is. Any possible X and O improvements because of Johnson wouldn't translate automatically into more W's than L's either.

A team supposedly recommitting to running the football doesn't accomplish that by getting a player obsessed with having it passed to him. Teams rebuilding, as the Bears clearly are, need to think about 2009 as much as 2008. Johnson thinks mostly of payday.

It really is simple, the Bears don't have the passing game to sustain an ego like Johnson.  He will not be happy with 5 catches for 65 yards each game.  Soon he will be on TV talking about our QBs and that is the last think Grossman or Orton need right now.