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Projected Roster Spots

Mike Mulligan had an interview with Lovie Smith and some interesting things came out.

Smith projected that Mike Brown will be the starting free safety. Presumably, that means Danieal Manning is out of a job and Brandon McGowan and Kevin Payne will battle for the strong safety job.

Smith reiterated John Tait could be moved from left tackle to right tackle depending on what kind of personnel is added. He couldn't name an offensive line, though, or a quarterback. And then there's the situation at running back. Smith called the position deep in the draft.

As expected, Israel Idonije has been moved inside to defensive tackle.

Smith said he expects running back Cedric Benson to be ``motivated.'' No word on what happened in terms of motivation in 2005-2007.

No player will ever be taken out of the role they're best in, so Devin Hester will not disappear as a returner. That doesn't mean he won't be spelled at time to time by Manning or maybe Rashied Davis.

The quarterback job between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton will be decided in training camp. Bourbonnais, here we come.

Firstly, the Bears have to stop counting on Mike Brown.  We are better when he is in, but they need to have a solid replacement should he go down again.

I'm a little leery of moving Tait from left to right.  If that is best for him and upgrades the spot, great, but that leaves us with a big question at left and that is the worst spot to have a concern.