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Bears To Select California Receiver?

Could the Chicago Bears be about to blow the lids off of every mock draft written by selecting California wide receiver DeSean Jackson?

Keep in mind this is only a small blurb buried toward the end of this article.

Other rumors are surfacing that the Chicago Bears may select him to revamp their offense. If this is true, the Bears will have the most dynamic kick return game the NFL has ever seen with Devin Hester to one end of the field and Jackson to the other. 

Teams would be better off just kicking the ball out of bounds then risking two return men like Hester and Jackson to terrorize them.  On offense, Jackson would provide the Bears that much needed go to receiver and help fill the void left by Bernard Berrian when he signed with the Minnesota Vikings this offseason.

Listen, I'm all for the Bears looking to add to our rough looking receiver corp, but I don't think I can buy that at the #14 pick.