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Ultimate Chicago Bears Draft Scenario - Offensive Line

Our next scenario is looking at the Bears taking in the first the position that most deem to be their biggest need, offensive line.  The depth at offensive line is large, but it will run out quickly and could be questionable in the 2nd if we choose to wait until then to address it. This plan is by  Doctor Chicago

Round 1 (14) – Chris Williams – OT – Vanderbilt


In the NFL, the entire offense is made or broken by the left tackle position, and right now the Bears have an old right tackle struggling in that spot.  Two years ago Chicago's offensive line was seen as a position of strength, but has deteriorated badly, and now it seems like it's just a collection of old men and journeymen.  What the Bears need is an infusion of young talent.  An upgrade here will instantly make the passing game better, which in turn will open up the running game, and get this woeful offense pointed in the right direction.  The Bears are believed to be enamored with Boise State's Ryan Clady, but he'll likely be long gone by #14, and they're highly unlikely to trade up to get him.  Of the OTs who will be available in this slot, Vandy's Chris Williams is the most solid choice.


Williams is a finesse left tackle with room to improve in the area of strength, but once he hits the weight rooms at the pro level his power will increase and he'll become that much more impressive.  He has all the measurables NFL teams look for in a left tackle, and would be ready to start from day one.  In 2007 Williams started all 12 games at left tackle and only allowed one quarterback sack, the same number he allowed in 2006, which adds up to a total of two sacks in 1,558 snaps.  He also received an 85.7% blocking grade for consistency, which lead down linemen in the SEC, and generated 102 knockdowns and 12 blocks which led to touchdowns.


With this pick, the Bears will have a rock on their line for years, allowing them to improve all other levels of their offense.


Round 2 (44) – Chad Henne – QB – Michigan


There will be a quarterback competition in training camp this year between Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton, but it's becoming apparent that neither of them are the QB of the future.  Henne has the tools to leapfrog both of them in his second year to possibly become the third franchise quarterback in Chicago Bears history. In his career at Michigan, Henne completed 828 of 1,387 passes for 9,715 yards, 87 touchdowns, (all school records) and 37 interceptions.


Round 3 (70) – Matt Forte – RB – Tulane


As soon as Cedric Benson started crying after being selected #4 overall by Chicago in the 2004 NFL draft, I knew we were in trouble.  Benson is probably the least-popular player on the team at this point, and a replacement has to be found immediately.  Forte is a big but elusive back with good speed and great hands, and has an uncanny knack to create something out of nothing when running.  In 2007 he put up numbers of 2,127 yards rushing and 23 touchdowns.


Round 3 (90) – Andre Caldwell – WR – Florida


Unless Brandon Lloyd has some kind of miracle wasted-potential-recovery juice, the WR position is in pretty bad shape.  Caldwell is a solid prospect who would be a steal late in the third round. He's a very quick athlete who had the second-fastest times in both the 40-yard dash and 20-yard shuttle at the scouting combine.  In his senior season Caldwell recorded 56 receptions for 761 yards and 7 touchdowns.