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Ultimate Chicago Bears Draft Scenario - Outsider

For this next plan I decided I'd like to get an outsider to do up a Bears draft.  We all have seen the what our team is like without a line and running back, but I was curious as to how somebody else would do the draft, so I turned to one of SBN's finest, The Sports Guru, over at The Mile High Report .

It appears he sees things the same way most here do.

 Round 1(14) – Jeff Otah, OT – Pittsburgh

From the outside looking in, the Bears have a lot of needs on the offensive side of the ball.  I imagine there will be a lot of push from fans to grab Rashard Mendenhall from Illinois should he fall to 14.  That would be a bit of a mistake, in my opinion, with a lot of the Bears’ problems on the ground based in the trenches, not in the backfield.  The Bears need a bit of stability in the backfield, and last year they committed to Cedric Benson by trading Thomas Jones.  Adrian Peterson is still on the roster as well and provides solid insurance should Benson continue to avoid contact, becoming a full-fledged bust.  Otah would bring a bruiser to the O-Line and some much needed protection for Rex Grossman.


Round 2(44) –Jamaal Charles, RB - Texas

The Bears have several directions they can go, but it needs to be the best offensive player available, regardless of position.  The QB and RB situations are a mess, and while I stated in the explanation of the 1st Round pick that the Bears need stability in the backfield they can make a selection in the 2nd round and that guy not feel the same pressure as a first round pick.  My gut tells me the Bears should go with the best WR on the board, with Mario Manningham and Malcolm Kelly both likely to be there.  Early Bennett is another possibility.  If a run on Wide-Outs leaves the Bears scratching their heads they should bite the bullet and bring in the eventual replacement to Rex or Benson.  Chad Henne is a possibility.  Henne will be a player in the NFL, don’t let his subpar career at Michigan fool you.  When the Wolverines finally opened it up a bit, and everyone was healthy, they were very, very good.  See the Bowl win over Florida.  If RB is the best direction, the Bears could go with Ray Rice from Rutgers or Jamaal Charles(unless you are gun shy about Texas RBs). The Bears need playmakers on O and this is the time to address it.


Round 3(70) – Roy Schuening, OG – Oregon St. 

The Bears need to go offense once again with their first pick of the 3rd Round, and the reconstruction of the Offensive Line needs to continue here.  Schuening, in my opinion, fits what the bears like to do which is play smash-mouth football.  More masher than athlete, Schuening was a 4-year starter in the PAC-10, impressive in its own right, and has proven that he can play at high level at an elite conference. If Schuening is off the board, the Bears could go with another PAC-10 lineman, G Chilo Rachal form USC.


Round 3(90) – Jordy Nelson, WR – Kansas St


Yea, I know.  You see the pattern now?  Offense is the word of the day for the Bears.  Now, whether Nelson is available here is a big question.  I love Nelson and would love to see him playing for the Broncos next year.   Since I am doing this for a Bears site, however, I’ll throw you guys a bone.  If the Bears went for Manningham with their 2nd Round pick, Nelson would be the perfect compliment.  He has great size and enough speed to get down field.  If the Bears are going to truly evaluate Rex Grossman, or any of the QB’s on their roster, they need to provide them some weapons.  Nelson can be a part of that.