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Just Give Lance Briggs A Ticket Out Of Here!

Bears linebacker Lance Briggs needs to get his head back on straight and maybe Chicago is just not the place.

Contract issues aside, last summer Briggs wrapped his Lamborghini around a guard rail and then promptly left the scene.  His deal with the authorities was he would not leave the state of Illinois and perform 120 hours of community service.  He has apparently not followed either of those two rules and now is set to appear in court on June 19 to explain why he left the state and find out his plan to complete his community service.

Hoffenberg also wants to look into how Briggs’ community service is coming along. Sneed says he’s completed two of 120 hours thus far. That leaves him with 118 to knock out in the next five months. That means he’s roughly has to do eight-hour days for three weeks to bang it out. So when he returns to the area, football won’t be the only business venture he’ll have to occupy his time.

I'm just curious what Briggs plans were as far as the community service had he signed with the 49ers.  Did he think they would just forget it since he wasn't in town anymore?  Also I don't know how long he is required to stay in state, but that would also put be an issue with going to play for another team.