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The Jared Allen Effect?

Generally speaking one of the first things I have do when posting here is to decide if a piece is even worth the time.  If it is a rumor or bit of gossip or just some story somebody writing something to fill a dead line, I have to judge whether to post it or not.

I was probably not going to post this because of how ludicrous it is, but I know you all love the author, so I thought I'd run with it.  This is basically a post-draft question deal .

5. The Jared Allen Effect

In 1999, the year after Moss, then with the Vikings, took the NFL by storm, the Green Bay Packers drafted four defensive backs, including their first-round pick (Antuan Edwards), their second-rounder (Fred Vinson) and their third-rounder (Mike McKenzie).

The anti-Moss draft comes to mind because two of the Vikings’ NFC North colleagues ignored other needs in Round 1 this year to select players who eventually will be expected to keep Minnesota defensive end Allen in check.

The Chicago Bears, desperate for a receiver and a quarterback, took left tackle Chris Williams with the No. 14-overall pick. The Lions, who slid from No. 15 to No. 17, took left tackle Gosder Cherilus while running back Rashard Mendenhall was still on the board.

I don't know how much time this guy spends on each team when he isn't pimping cell phones, but seriously? Does he really think Chicago drafted a offensive lineman because the Vikings picked up Jared Allen? It means nothing that the Bears offensive line couldn't block a one legged blind man last year, it is only because of Allen. Defensive linemen found more holes to run through than our running back did. Our QBs pretty much could only execute a three step drop before the pocket collapsed, but no if Minny didn't pick up Allen the Bears would have bypassed Chris Williams all together and jumped all over a receiver.