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Early Look At 2009

Eager to show that he is the thoroughbred and it is time to put the old mare that is Mel Kiper out to pastor, Todd McShay has bypassed taking a little down time after the 2008 NFL Draft, by posting his first mock for 2009

The first reason this is notable is because he has the Bears drafting 7th, which means he expects us to be worse.  That's asinine, so I am going to ignore it, but i know the pick will make many of you quite happy, so enjoy!

7. Chicago Bears -- Tim Tebow*, QB, Florida

It's almost certain that the Bears will need a quarterback come next offseason. Unfortunately, next year's crop of signal-callers does not look promising at this point. Bears fans won't be thrilled if the team uses a high pick on another Gators quarterback following the failed Rex Grossman experiment, but Tebow's unique blend of skills and rare intangibles might be too good to pass up. Should Tebow elect to leave school early, however, his uncommon skill set could make him the most difficult prospect at any position to grade.