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SB Nation Mock Draft

I have been some what reticent in my SB Nation duties to properly point out that the SBN Mock Draft is in full effect.  The draft is being tracked at our draft site, Mocking the Draft.  Head on over for expert analysis.

The difference to you is that this year I'd like to involve you in the process.  The thing that makes this draft unique is that every team has a different drafter as well as trades being allowed.

So first take a look at where the draft stands now, then take a look at a proposed trade from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and give me a vote on the sidebar.  After that I'll update you on the progress of the draft and start talking about who we will pick.


Our Tampa Bay blog has offered this trade.

Chicago- #14 pick and Danieal Manning

in exchange for

Tampa Bay- #20 pick, Cadillac Williams and Michael Clayton

I'll take the popular vote from the sidebar and add my 2 cents in and that will be our answer.