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An Early Assessment

Here are ten assessments/predictions concerning the Bears draft picks for next year .

3. I know I am in the uncomfortable position of agreeing wholeheartedly with Mel Kiper Jr. that the Bears improved as much, if not more, than any other team in the draft. Whether that means they went from a 6-10 team to a 7-9 one or from 8-8 to 9-7, well, that will take training camp to crystallize those projections.

The offense, which could include new starters at as many as six positions, received an instant upgrade as long as left tackle Chris Williams and running back Matt Forte start from Day 1, even if it means matching up Williams on Colts right defensive end Dwight Freeney. Remember too that Grossman and Orton immediately improved with the addition of rookies likely to bolster the Bears' pass protection and running game.