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Jerry Angelo Explains Lack Of QB

I  know many are wondering why the Bears did not select a QB in this draft.  This very question was asked on the Bears site to  Larry Meyer and he quoted some lines from Bears GM Jerry Angelo.

The Bears entered the 2008 draft determined to land as many players they viewed as eventual starters as they possible could regardless of position, and they accomplished that with their first five picks in left tackle Chris Williams in the first round, running back Matt Forte in the second round, receiver Earl Bennett and defensive tackle Marcus Harrison in the fourth round and safety Craig Steltz in the fifth round. The closest they came to selecting a quarterback occurred in the fourth round, but general manager Jerry Angelo explained that he “didn’t want to pass up a player that was a starter to take a quarterback that maybe could be a good backup.” Another key factor is that it was a very poor quarterback crop (other than Boston College’s Matt Ryan, who was selected third overall by the Atlanta Falcons). Said Angelo: “By our grades, I will agree that I didn’t think it was a great quarterback class. I thought earlier on it was going to be pretty good, but the more we did research and evaluation, we just felt it was going to be very mediocre and I think you saw that on how the players were picked.” Personally, I’m glad the way it played out. I’d rather seethe Bears draft a Nate Vasher than a Craig Krenzel!

So we know that Angelo at least was thinking about QBs.  He obviously was more interested in Matt Forte than he was Chad Henne or Brian Brohm, but it is really hard to tell what he would have done had 1 or both of them been available with the Bears 3rd round pick.