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Response To A Critic

We here at WCG have been prognosticating and guessing and rumor mongering for quite some time as to who the Bears will draft and aside from trading down regardless of the names the positions we are talking about are always running back or offensive linemen.

The Bears were up in the SBN Mock Draft.  The trade was negated, so I went with Rashard Mendenhall.

So today when I drifted over to our Draft site to take a look at what our expert had to say about the pick, I was a tad taken aback.  

Here is what he had to say.

I'm trying to channel some good feelings before writing this, but I'm struggling to find them. The Bears are a team with a need at every position on the offensive line, in need of at least one receiver and their defensive tackle position is a mess. So, let's take a running back to compete with the guy we drafted fourth overall three years ago! Cedric Benson hasn't been a world beater as a starter, but he's not had a good quarterback or offensive line in front of him. Even drafting a quarterback here would have been rewarded with an "A+" grade from me. There are too many needs to draft a luxury player like Mendenhall. How is he any different from Benson?

WTF?  Please allow me to retort.  He doesn't like it because we have needs at receiver, o line and defensive tackle.

We have a questionable o line, a questionable run game and a questionable QB and you want us to address receiver?  Brillant!!!

Let us move to defensive tackle.  Here is our projected starting defensive line for next year Ogunleye, Harris, Dvoracek and Alex Brown with Mark Anderson coming in for a pass rush.  Dude, this sounds like one hell of a line.  Sorry, but  you don't draft depth at the #14 pick in the first round.

So drafting Mendenhall is a luxury?  Have you even seen Benson?  The guy has injury issues, a questionable work ethic and a piss poor attitude, but...

You also say  you'd give us an A+ if we took a QB.  Would you now?  Brohm, Flacco and Henne are all currently projected in the late 1st, early 2nd.  Sounds like one hell of a reach.  Who says any of these three are ready to start as a rookie?  And you want me to replace Orton or Grossman, two guys who have very good work ethics.  Sounds like a luxury pick to me.

So that leaves us with offensive linemen.  This comes down to two things preference and your draft board.  Maybe you are a needs guy, maybe I am a best available guy.  But to call drafting a potential stud RB at any position in the draft unless you have LaDanian Tomlinson on your bench is a good call.