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WCG Mock Draft - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Malcom Kelly
Wide Receiver
ANALYSIS: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers seem to have a bunch of question marks but the internets all seem to agree that the Bucs want a brand new shiny wide receiver. I can’t really blame them, of course, as they need to get younger in that position. I mean, I’m not calling Joey Galloway and Ike Hilliard old but I hear that in the new Indiana Jones movie, Harrison Ford is on a race to find their high school year books.

Sadly, former #1 pick Michael Clayton has nearly disappeared after his nearly 1200 yard rookie year. Having said that the Bucs are looking WR.

Well, who should they pick. In almost every draft I have seen, they predict the Bucs to take Cal wideout DeShaun Jackson. Which is who I was going to select until I realized something. In almost every one of those drafts, Jackson was the second, or sometimes third receiver taken. And guess what? In our draft, not one WR is off the board yet. So that has made this so much harder. As much as I think Jackson has a lot to offer, I don’t see him listed as the #1 receiver on anyone’s board. So that is why the Buc take:

Malcolm Kelly of Oklahoma.

Kelly, while lacking ‘blazing’ speed is being looked at as a Larry Fitzgerald type game breaker. Big and strong, with great hands, he is the very model of what makes great wide receivers in the NFL. He’s a great athlete and an inviting target for whomever Jon Gruden decides to run out there as quarterback. And a receiver like this can really help a quarterback by offering the ability to go get jump balls. I liken him to fellow Sooner Roy Williams. And it took Williams a little while to find his groove, I see Kelly doing the same, eventually stepping up as a great #1.
Pick Team Player Drafter Analysis
1 Miami Dolphins Jake Long McRipper Details
2 St. Louis Rams Chris Long Chad Details
3 Atlanta Falcons Glenn Dorsey mas12 Details
4 Oakland Raiders Vernon Gholston Doctor Chicago Details
5 Kansas City Chiefs Sedrick Ellis whitebearsox23 Details
6 NY Jets Darren McFadden DaNate23 Details
7 New England Patriots Leodis McKelvin tyger1147 Details
8 Baltimore Ravens Matt Ryan McRipper Details
9 Cinncinati Bengals Keith Rivers tomas21 Details
10 New Orleans Saints Mike Jenkins sirus19x Details
11 Buffalo Bills Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Chad Details
12 Denver Broncos Ryan Clady Arctic Bronco Details
13 Carolina Panthers Jeff Otah DaNate23 Details
14 Chicago Bears Chris williams tyger1147 Details
15 Detroit Lions Rashard Mendenhall Doctor Chicago Details
16 Arizona Cardinals Derrick Harvey Gillrowdy Details
17 Minnesota Vikings Calias Campbell Ando Details
18 Houston Texans Jonathan Stewart whitebearsox23 Details
19 Philadelphia Eagles Aqib Talib bufordht Details
20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Malcom Kelly Chad Details

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