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Dick Butkus Allowed To Use His Own Name!?!

Since 1985 the Downtown Athletic Club has held a yearly event at which the year's best players are acknowledged.

The award for the best linebacker is rightfully named after the best linebacker to ever lace up his cleats, Dick Butkus, but apparently they never had to get Butkus' approval to use his name or likeness and he isn't happy.

Butkus sued and won a suit that will remove his name from the award.  His main beef is at the awards show's inability to raise money for charity.

Because of this the Downtown Athletic Club has had its accreditation suspended.

They may also owe Dick Butkus a settlement for using his name and image without permission.
Butkus is a staunch charity guy and plans to hold his own linebacker award show from Chicago and use it to raise money for the charities that he supports.