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Bears Assign Numbers

The Bears have handed out jerseys and numbers .  If my assumption is correct the o and d at the end of some players jerseys signify offense and defense and will have to be sorted out later if both players make the squad.

Draft Class:

OT Chris Williams (74)

RB Matt Forte (22)

WR Earl Bennett (85)

DT Marcus Harrison (94)

S Craig Steltz (27)

CB Zackary Bowman (35)

TE Kellen Davis (87)

DE Ervin Baldwin (99)

G Chester Adams (72o)

LB Joey LaRocque (90)

OT Kirk Barton (69)

WR Marcus Monk (19)

Undrafted free agents:

PK Shane Longest (2)

QB Caleb Hanie (12)

WR Curtis Hamilton (14)

QB Nick Hill (17)

CB Leslie Majors (46)

DB Trey Brown (49)

DE Nick Osborn (67)

DE Joe Clermond (72d)

OT Cody Balogh (79o)

DT David Faaeteete (79d).