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Kyle Orton Thinks He Will Be The Starter

Granted this really isn't a news piece, but with most media coverage going to Benson it is nice to have something to post on anybody else.

Kyle Orton believes that if he is given a fair chance in an open competition he will be the Bears starter next season.

"All I care about is if I get my chance," said Orton Saturday night at the team's black-tie fundraiser at Soldier Field. "If I get my chance, I'm confident that I will win the job and play well. I don't really pay attention to [talk of a not-so level playing field]. I hear through third parties and all that stuff but it doesn't affect my mind-set or my thoughts as a player or anything like that."

Speculation has been abound that the Bears still consider Rex Grossman their starter and are just playing nice with Orton by telling him the competition will be open, after newly signed wide receiver Bradon Lloyd said Grossman would be the starter.

I don't know if Orton is better than Grossman.  I don't know if either is even good enough to run a team, but Grossman has been given chance after chance and either hasn't delivered, collapsed or gotten injured.  I think Orton at least deserves a fair shot at it.