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Urlacher To Miss Mini Camp?

If Bears management weren't putting any priority on reworking Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher's contract they might want to sit down and rethink that one.

When Urlacher made public that he wanted an extension and subsequently missed voluntary mini camps, based on Bears statements, everybody assumed it would be dealt with and a non issue, but that isn't the case if you ask Urlacher.  He feels the Bears have had a vary lax attitude toward the subject and in return plans on missing a mandatory mini camp on May 30 to June 1.

“I would bet I wouldn’t be there,” Urlacher said from Arizona, where he has spent most of the offseason. “My agents and the team had some good dialogue early on, but nothing’s happened lately. It’s been almost two months since there’s been any action on their end, and it’s a waiting game right now.”

Asked if he might consider missing training camp, Urlacher said, “I haven’t even thought about it. I’m hoping it doesn’t get that far.”

There is a difference between missing a mandatory mini camp and a voluntary one, but there is a huge difference between missing a mandatory mini camp and training camp, so at this point I'd still call it a non issue, but it does tell the Bears that Urlacher isn't interested in waiting until later to get this done.