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Josh Beekman Back In the Mix

I know one question that has been bandied about here for some time concerns 2nd year lineman Josh Beekman of Boston College.  He was not used last year, partly do to injury.  Many wondered where he fit into this year's roster.

During a Q&A with Lovie Smith that very question was asked in relation to who would replace Ruben Brown:

Terrence Metcalf has started a few games since he’s been around here, and we like his potential. Josh Beekman hasn’t had a chance to play, but he’s done some good things too. We know that John St. Clair has started for us inside, but right now John St. Clair is a tackle. I would say it would be between Terrence Metcalf and Josh Beekman at this time. As far as your second question, there aren’t any plans to re-sign Ruben right now.