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To Trade or Not To Trade, Brian Urlacher

While I know most are against the idea, I know a few have expressed some interest in the idea.  Over at NBC Sports, there is at least one guy who thinks it is a good idea.

Angelo may not be able to pick quarterbacks, but he does know personnel. If he’s as smart as I think he is, he needs to be thinking about trading Urlacher.

He may be royalty in Chicago football lore, standing with the likes of Bill George, Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary among the Bears’ dominant middle linebackers, but the truth is that he is fourth in that group and he’s not getting any better. Trading Urlacher before the 2008 season would be the best move for a Bears team that slipped dramatically in 2007 and may be even worse this year.

He goes on to actually suggest a possible destination, that being the Denver Broncos.

If Shanahan was to send the Bears running back Travis Henry, wide receiver Brandon Stokley and linebacker Ian Gold along with two draft picks — including a first-rounder if the Broncos make the playoffs — it would be a trade that would work out well for both teams.

Henry may be busy off the field — he has fathered children with nine women — but he can run with the football. Stokley is a professional receiver who makes up in speed and toughness what he lacks in size. Gold is a thinking man’s linebacker who still moves well.

Moreover in a recent Sun Times poll 27% of fans say they would like to see him traded.  So there are two questions I'd like to pose to you.

First, are you in favor of trading Urlacher if the price is right?

And next would the terms this journalist set up for the trade, enough for you to move Urlacher?