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Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs R Best Friends 4Ever!!!

Much like Brian Urlacher did when he was going through his contract dispute with the  Chicago Bears, Lance Briggs has spoken his support for what Urlacher is going through.

'I can relate [to Urlacher's situation] because I've been there,'' Briggs said. ''I know what Brian has meant to this organization and this city. That alone, and he being my big brother, I'll support him to the end. I think whatever is going on between him and the Bears will be worked out.''

At this point management doesn't care what Lance Briggs thinks.  If Urlacher or Kruetz or somebody whose voice management might listen to speaks up, that is great, but I can promise you if Briggs is unhappy the Bears consider it par for the course.

I assume this is more just him returning the favor, I hear they are good friends off the field.  I guess it also is good for locker room moral when your better players look out for everybody.