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Bears Still Fickle, Move Danieal Manning to Corner

I believe we went through this last season as well, but the Bears have moved Danieal Manning from safety to cornerback .

Danieal Manning looks to have been moved yet again. Manning, the safety turned cornerback turned safety is back at cornerback today. He’s getting time with the first team as the inside nickel back. Corey Graham also got some time with the ones with the absence of Charles Tillman.

So as it stands our cornerback roster has Charles Tillman and Nathan Vasher at the number 1 and 2 spots respectively.  The rest of the crop are Zackary Bowman,Trey Brown,Corey Graham, Leslie Majors, Ricky Manning Jr., Trumaine McBride and now Danieal Manning.

Our starting safeties based on mini camp positions are Mike Brown and Brandon McGowan.  After that we have Josh Gattis, Kevin Payne, Leonard Peters and Craig Steltz.

With Mike Brown an injury concern and no other guy with significant experience moving Manning seems odd unless they believe he can't  play the position.  Obviously to make the move they think he has the needed speed and they might just view him as more of an asset at the corner.

'It is possible that Ricky  Manning Jr. could still be cut and the Bears believe if necessary Craig Steltz could step in.

Either way the idea here is to not thin out our safety squad more, if anything we want to add some guys.