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Rashaan Salaam Talking About Cedric Benson

The idea of this is just humorous, but it did happen .

He was the wrong person to give money to,'' he said. ''The Bears gave him cash, and he lost his mind.

''He stopped working. He's not the same person he was coming out of college. They gave it to him, and he didn't give a damn anymore.''

For the record it looks like Salaam is doing well for himself.

Salaam, 33, seems to have grown up. He lives in San Diego and promotes mixed martial arts events in China.

''Cannot complain,'' he said. ''We're doing a nationally televised show. Right now, it's a very lucrative business.''

Another Bears bust, Curtis Enis, hasn't:

Enis has been a little tougher to reach. He used to work third shift at a garage-door company in Russia, Ohio. Supposedly, he had lost all his money. But the company's human resources department said he doesn't work there anymore. Some reports say he was studying to be a cop.