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Brian Urlacher Will Skip Mandatory Camp

Though it has been hinted at by Brian Uralcher himself and a few others it has been made official, through Lance Briggs? that the middle linebacker will no show madatory mini camp because he is unhappy with his contract.

He is subject to fine based on this:

While the fine can total only $8,165, more than $5.7 million is potentially at stake if Urlacher boycotts minicamp. That represents the pro-rated portion remaining on the $13 million signing bonus he received with his nine-year, $56.65 million contract extension in 2003. As in all NFL player contracts, there's specific signing bonus forfeiture language in Urlacher's contract. If he's in default by missing a mandatory activity, the club could choose to deal with him in similar fashion to the way the Denver Broncos pursued fines and forfeitures with AWOL wide receiver Ashley Lelie two summers ago.