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Marty Booker Doesn't Care

Many on the team and almost all off the team are still worried if any Bears QB will be able to get the job done.  Marty Booker for one doesn't care who lines up under center.  Of course that might have to do with the fact that he has been on two teams, Chicago and Miami, that have had a revolving door at the position.

"Dude, in my career I've had like almost 20 different quarterbacks (17 actually), so as far as adjusting to anybody, that's not a problem," he said. "That's the least of everything."

While on the Bears Booker has caught passes from the likes of Shane Matthews, Cade McNown, Henry Burris, Jim Miller and Cory Sauter.

The Miami Dolphins used 9 QBs over the last 4 years.

Regardless of why he is able to remain careless, it is nice to hear somebody take the I'm coming to work to do my job and not worry about somebody else's.