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Brian Urlacher Punks Everybody

So as early as a week ago and as late as yesterday everybody from papers to blogs to teammates were sure that MLB Brian Urlacher would skip the Bears mandatory camp.  As it turns out he is going to attend the three-day practice .

Fellow linebacker Lance Briggs was certain Urlacher would be absent come Friday. Briggs was prepared to wear Urlacher's No. 54 jersey as a show of support.

"I'm surprised, but it's a happy surprised," Briggs said Thursday. "It's good to have your big brother back.

"I don't think this thing should have got to the point where it is right now. Brian needs to be taken care of, period. He's irreplaceable."

This could mean the Bears and Urlacher have spoken and are close to a deal, so Urlacher is getting back to business.  It could also be a good will gesture on Urlacher's part.