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Bears Over/Under Wins

I cannot recall if we discussed this one before, so I'm posting or reporting. Our friends over at Hogs Haven have posted the Vegas' over/under lines for wins this season.

Chicago's line is at 8 wins.

Green Bay and Minnesota are at 8.5 and Detroit is at 6.5, so a pretty wide open field.

The NFC looks like this:

Arizona 7.5
Atlanta 4.5
Carolina 7.5
Chicago 8
Dallas 10.5
Detroit 6.5
Green Bay 8.5
Minnesota 5.5
New Orleans 8.5
NY Giants 8.5
Philadelphia 8.5
San Francisco 6
Seattle 8.5
St. Louis 6.5
Tampa Bay 8
Washington 7.5

Based on this and only one team in double digits, they are expecting the NFC to wipe each other out. In the AFC they have 4 teams posted at double digits, Indy, NE, San Diego and Jacksonville.