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Matt Forte Impresses At Camp

Many of us believe that the Bears drafted Tulane running back Matt Forte to eventually be Cedric Benson's replacement.  Now whether you think he can do or not, might not matter.  Cedric Benson's name is just showing up too often with a negative comments attached to it.  Regardless of what happens at least Matt Forte is impressing in camp .  Not that that means anything, but with an offense that doesn't work, I don't need to be hearing our 2nd round selection is showing up out of shape and unprepared.

Tulane running back Matt Forte, the Bears' second-round draft pick, figures to be Cedric Benson's chief competition for the starting running back position when training camp begins July 23.

He impressed coaching staff during a three-day rookie minicamp that concluded Sunday. Benson was arrested early Sunday in Texas on charges of boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

"Matt Forte ... since the first practice, has stood out," Bears coach Lovie Smith said Sunday. "He looked like he's been here before and that's what you want to see."