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Bears Like What They See In Craig Steltz

Matt Forte was considered the star of the Bears two day mini camp, but LSU safety Craig Steltz made an impression as well.

The 4th round selection drew praise from  Bears coaches :

"What we're evaluating right now is in the classroom, and we think he's exactly what we expected," defensive coordinator Bob Babich said. "We think he has an excellent understanding of concepts within the game of football.

"And second, on the field, we're evaluating movement. We've really been pleased with his movement on the field."

Defensive backs coach Steven Wilks agreed.

"Craig is very smart, he picks up things great," Wilks said. "We know Craig can hit. He's physical. I just love his movement and range right now. He's a guy we feel can definitely play [either position]."

The big question seems to be where will Steltz play.  He doesn't have a preference and is prepared to play either.  With the injury concerns of Mike Brown and the poor play of Archuleta he might get a shot at both.

"When I was in the meeting room Friday, we were talking about the same plays we used at LSU, and at LSU the safeties have to be interchangeable," Steltz said. "With the motion, adjustments, just the way things happen, you have to be able to play both.

"At LSU, I was listed as a strong safety. And here, I might be the free safety. But you're playing both techniques. Whichever one they choose works out great for me."

I've seen Stletz play a few times, but can't really say much about him, but I am starting to like the guy just based on reading about him.  He seems to be a real intelligent player, a hard hitter and a guy who just wants to go out and play some football.