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A New Note On Cedric Benson

I reported on Benson getting arrested, but I wasn't going to get into the whole his story versus their story until any type of action or resolution came about, but I found this new piece of information interesting.

One of the passengers on the boat, called her parents and asked them to call 911.

"I called my dad and told him, 'Call 911, my black friend is getting beaten up by police on Lake Travis,' " said Elizabeth Cartwright, 22, a friend of Benson's from the University of Texas. "It's more what I heard than what I saw. I have never heard or seen Cedric that scared."

Cartwright put in writing her version of the events on Lake Travis that resulted in Benson being charged with boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest.

She says she is willing to submit her document as evidence supporting his account. She said her fiance also took dozens of photographs that help corroborate her claims.

Now this could all just be just a play, but calling your parent and asking them to call 911 seems like odd thing to do especially when the police are on the boat.  It almost feels like something a scared and desperate person would do.  Now I am wonder if Benson's side might  be more truthful that I originally thought.