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Latest on Cedric Benson

So he got a strike earlier, but this latest update goes his way.  A witness who was not on the boat, has spoken out in Cedric Benson's behalf.

Toby Patch was at nearby Emerald Point Marina on Saturday night when he claims he saw police "manhandling" Benson after taking the running back off the boat and heading to a squad car. Patch was not one of the 15 people on the boat.

"As they were taking him up the dock, they stopped, he said, 'I am fine, I can continue walking,' and they put their legs behind his knees and knocked him over his knees and started hog-carrying him," Patch told KXAN-TV in Austin.

Near the parking area, Patch says the treatment of Benson worsened.

"They ended up--I don't know why--but laid him on his back, I heard him say, 'Please don't pepper spray me, please don't pepper spray me,'" Patch said. "It was uncalled for, it was ludicrous, no point for it."

I will stop trying to figure this out now.  Every witness or police account can be seen from both sides.  Instead I'll just keep you updated on the latest and let you scratch your heads over it if you want.