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Cedric Benson Hires A New Lawyer

Hey guys!  Ready for some more Cedric Benson news that will clear absolutely nothing up?  I thought so.

Cedric Benson has hired a new lawyer as he plans to fight the charges that he was drunk and resisted arrest.

Currently the biggest card being played here is the race one.  From  Benson suggesting he was singled out to his friend Elizabeth Cartwright telling here Dad to call the police because her black friend is being beat up.

The Lower Colorado River Authority has released some numbers in an effort to fight that claim. the last five years, its officers have made 457 arrests on the lake, and that 428 of the people arrested were white and 10 were black.

Again this looks good for the authorities, but doesn't really prove anything.  I imagine we are going to get a lot of little chunks of stuff like this until the 19th when the initial hearing is scheduled.