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Everybody wants to play in Chicago

With the release of Cedric Benson the slew of free agent running backs are eyeing Chicago .

Interested in Kevin Jones?

'Kevin thinks Chicago would be a great opportunity for him,'' said Jones' agent, Mitch Frankel. ''The Bears have not expressed interest at this point.''

What about Ron Dayne?

'We thought about reaching out to the Bears after the first [Benson arrest],'' said Dayne's agent, Karim Lawrence. ''I left them a message [Tuesday]. We're kind of waiting it out right now, and we're not going to just jump at an opportunity. Chicago would be interesting because it's so close to Wisconsin.''

I don't have a problem with the Bears bringing in anybody for competition, so long as they don't expect anything.  If the Bears plans were to make Adrian Peterson dedicated to special teams that is fine.  Either way we need a backup if Matt Forte is the man.