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10 Things Learned From OTAs

In a follow up after the OTAs, this report makes a few observations and suggestions.

Among them that the Bears should consider looking at recently waived LeCharles Bentley to fill our left guard position.  Bentley is a bit prima donna for my tastes, but if he is willing to accept a non-blockbuster contract I don't argue this.

Also, the Bears apparently tried to pick up Tampa QB Bruce Gradkowski off of waivers, but did not get him.

Based on OTA performances, Devin Hester and Brandon Lloyd would be our starting two wide receivers.

I know that the mini-camps and OTAs resemble flag football more than the real thing, but Brandon Lloyd and Devin Hester have looked like the most legitimate, dangerous NFL wide receivers the Bears have.

Hester always drops mouths with his explosion, but Lloyd has lived up to his billing as a great practice player. If that trend continues once the pads go on July 24, Mark Bradley may go from being the guy the team thought could be its No. 1 wideout to someone just hoping to make the roster.