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Neal Anderson's Place In History

Around here obviously Neal Anderson is well liked, but outside of Bears fans I'm not really sure how he is viewed.  Being the guy who took over for Walter Payton, will always make your numbers look smaller than they actually are.  Here is a small break down of how running backs have faired after taking over for a HOFer  (official site).

Six running backs have been elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame beginning in 1993 with Walter Payton, and of their replacements, Neal Anderson has been the most productive by a wide margin. Anderson is the only member of that group to rush for at least 1,000 yards in three straight seasons immediately following the Hall of Famer’s departure from his primary team. The leading rushers in the year after Tony Dorsett (Cowboys), Marcus Allen (Raiders), Barry Sanders (Lions) and Thurman Thomas (Bills) left their teams mustered just 446, 591, 542 and 591 yards, respectively. The only squad other than the Bears that had a measure of success replacing a future Hall of Famer was the Los Angeles Rams, who unloaded Eric Dickerson and acquired Greg Bell as part of a three-team trade. Bell rushed for 1,212 and 1,137 yards in his first two full seasons with the Rams, but they grew weary of his demands to renegotiate his contract and traded him to the Raiders.

In his career Neal Anderson made 4 Pro Bowls, during his most productive period,  1988-1990, he had TD totals of  12, 11, 10 respectively and averaged  1153 yards per season (this of course when 1,000 yards meant something).  He finished with career totals of  6166 yards and  51 TDs.

What is your take on Anderson?