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Bears All Set At Running Back

Sometimes it seems that the Bears are being stubborn just for the sake of being stubborn.  Are they so hell bent on proving they were correct with their decisions that they refuse to open their eyes to other  possibilities?

Recently Coach Lovie Smith had this to say :

"My glass is always, of course, full," Smith said. "We like this team. I liked last year's team. ... But for the most part we have our core back in place this year and I think this team we've seen here the last couple days can compete with anyone."

Hey, I appreciate confidence as much as the next guy and if the Bears feel good about our running back then fine, but don't put the blinders on.  We have  back who is unproven in Matt Forte, we have a back who is proven to be a capable backup and a good special teams player in Adrian Peterson and we have a guy who we don't really yet know what we have in Garrett Wolfe.  That is a lot of what ifs if you ask me.  What harm would it be to sign a guy like Kevin Jones for one year for competition or a little depth?  If he doesn't work out he is off the books next year or you can just cut him in training camp if he doesn't work out.  It is not like a bunch of teams are banging down his door right now.