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Quick Look At Receiver Corp

Bears wide receiver coach Darryl Drake has said that he feels the receiving corp in Chicago is better than the one last year .

He feels there is a lot more explosiveness on the field now.  While this initially seems like it might be a dig at Berrian, really it is just a statement that the Bears overall talent pool has improved as a whole. While no one Bears receiver will likely duplicate Berrian's numbers this year, there is not reason to think that the squad will not be able to cover it.

Last year the Bears were pretty much just Bernard Berrian and an occasional bomb to Devin Hester.

This year though we replace the no longer sure handed Mushin Muhammad with the sure handed Marty Booker.  Hester will get a full camp in at the wide receiver position and rookie's Earl Bennett and Marcus Monk are both playing surprisingly well.  And from early reports Brandon Lloyd is working hard to regain his career and if he can catch on it gives the Bears another burner at the position.

While at the beginning it was assumed the Mark Bradley would be the default winner of the #1 receiver spot, there is now a possibility that when he is recovered from his knee surgery he could be fighting just for a roster spot.

But the Bears might get production from an unsuspecting place, though I don't know why he was written off to begin with:

'But the best player for us probably out on the field has been 81 [Rashied Davis],'' Drake said. ''He's quicker, he's faster, he's stronger. He puts more fear in them -- you go ask those guys on defense who puts fear inside them.''

Two years ago, Davis was clutch and a big piece of the puzzle, but last year he was lost and it looked like this year he might find his way off the team, but I guess he has something to say about that.

Last year's sqaud that had a record catch are:

Bernard Berrian, Mushin Muhammad, Devin Hester, Mark Bradley and Rashied Davis

This year's squad looks like this:

Devin Hester, Mark Bradley, Earl Bennett, Marcus Monk, Brandon Lloyd, Rashied Davis, Marty Booker

This makes Curtis Hamilton, Mike Hass and Brandon Rideau and possibly Bradley ,depending on how many receivers we carry,  cuts or practice squad  players.

Obviously not having Berrian is a big hole, but despite their overall youth, I like the looks of this squad.  At least as much as I can for not having really seen them play many games.

Add to this that Desmond Clark is still solid and Greg Olsen should have a bigger role.

If either Grossman or Orton can have a consistently decent year, the Bears can do some damage.