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Bears Overrated/Underrated

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Typically it is not my style to go at a journalist for the sole reason that they dare say something negative about my team, I'll let other blogs handle that.  I did however want to this one out to you though, and ask what the hell  Pete Prisco was thinking.  Maybe it is just his way of getting people to point to this work like I am.

Every year he does an overrated/underrated player for each team.  Here is what he had to say about the Bears:

Overrated: C Olin Kreutz. He struggled in 2007 and looks to be in a major decline. The Bears need better play inside from him this season to get that running game going.

Underrated: DE Adewale Ogunleye. On a defense that features Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and Tommie Harris, Ogunleye had an outstanding season with nine sacks in 2007.

I think somebody better start by defining overrated and underrated to Mr. Prisco.

Kruetz has been to the last 6 Pro Bowls.  Last year he had a bit of a down year, but when half your line sucks as does the play of QB and RB, can anybody on the team really have an up year?  That said, that one year makes him overrated?  I am sorry that not every player is Bruce Matthews and can play 17 seasons.  Everybody has to take a step back some time, and trust me I am not saying Kruetz is about to, in fact I think he will have a fantastic year this year, but the point is one non-outstanding year does not make someone overrated.

Adewale Ogunleye, underrated?  I guess you can say that, but I don't think that applies.  He probably used Hunter Hillenmeyer last year and just had to find a different name.  We got Ogunleye off a 15 sack performance with the Miami Dolphins.  He hasn't returned to those numbers, so while yes it is easy to get overshadowed with Urlacher, Briggs and Harris, he just wasn't consistent.  It was really only half way through last year that he started playing dominant football.  We all hope he can keep that up.  I suppose that half a season was enough to make the list.