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Matt Forte The Better Option For The Bears

Take a look at this article, its author is outlining reasons whey just removing Cedric Benson from the team is improving the team.

Forte won't be able to sign his contract and retire on the same day
There has been plenty of speculation surrounding Benson that he enjoyed getting paid to play football but never truly wanted to play football. Even as a 12th-round draft pick of the Dodgers back in 2001, he stuck around the game of baseball just long enough to get a few healthy paychecks before returning to the University of Texas to focus on his pigskin career. Once Benson received $17 million in guaranteed money from the Bears as the No. 4-overall pick three years ago, it's possible that the drive and determination he needed to live up to his lofty draft status instantly disappeared.

While Forte will certainly be paid well once he signs his name on the dotted line, he won't be guaranteed millions and millions of dollars as a second-rounder and will undoubtedly make the brunt of his money with his second NFL contract – meaning he'll have to earn it on Sunday.

My issues were never really with Benson's ability, they were always with the way I perceived his attitude.  Hopefully this works out for us.