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Urlacher Misses More Camp

Shortly after surprising most and showing up for mandatory mini camp last week, Bears MLB is back to no showing a voluntary mini camp this week.

Linebackers coach is using this as a time to give other players time at MLB to see what they can do.

With Urlacher missing, Lee got a long look at Rod Wilson in the middle in the base package. When the defense moved to nickel, Hunter Hillenmeyer filled Urlacher's role.

"Both of those guys are vets, know what they're doing and feel comfortable," Lee said of Wilson and Hillenmeyer. " Nick Roach is another young linebacker we're trying to get as comfortable as possible."

Again, this is a non issue until he misses something that is mandatory and then it is only really if he misses any training camp.  I would hope the Bears and Urlacher's reps can get something worked out before then.