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All Time Running Backs

Here in Chicago we are used to the All Time Running back debate; moreover, we are used to the great Walter Payton being listed as number 2 behind Jim Brown.

ESPN back up  and with the help of Don Shula, Marv Levy, Emmitt Thomas, Jack Bushofsky, Dan Reeves, Jerry Richardson, Robert Smith and Floyd Reese they formulated a new list.  However this time Payton does not come in at #2, he fell to #3 behind Barry Sanders.  I know the Sanders/Payton arguement is a hot one here (though I haven't heard from Chad in some time, so it might not spark).

The list looks like this:

1) Jim Brown

2) Barry Sanders

3) Walter Payton

4) Emmitt Smith

5) Gale Sayers

6) LaDanian Tomlinson

7) Marshall Faulk

8) O.J. Simpson

9) Lenny Moore

10) Eric Dickerson

I would have liked to see each judge's personal list to see how they ranked them.  Give me your opinions?