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Terrence Metcalf Wants To Earn His Spot

Last year when Ruben Brown went down to injury, Terrance Metcalf was brought in to fill in.  Now with Brown no longer with the team Metcalf is the default starter.  But he doesn't plan on just accepting the spot, he wants to prove he deserves it.

“It’s a huge opportunity,” Metcalf said. “I feel like it’s time for me to step out and play, just do what I know I can do, do what I know the coaches believe that I can do. That’s pretty much it.

“I feel very prepared for it. All it is is putting in the work, putting in the time in the classroom, doing extra work and doing whatever I need to do to be physically ready to get on the field.”

Whatever.  If he is the best of the guys up for the job, then have at it, so long  as somebody protects the QB.