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Lovie Sends Benson Home from OTA

While earlier reports suggested that Benson simply didn't show up for Monday's OTA, now it seems that Benson did show up, but Lovie Smith turned him away at the door .

Cedric Benson showed up for work this morning at Halas Hall and was told to go home by coach Lovie Smith.

That’s what Benson’s attorney Sam Bassett said.

``I know that he went to practice today and Lovie told him to go home," said Bassett, based in Austin, Texas. ``I don’t know if it’s because of the publicity or because it’s a distraction, or if the Bears are trying to decide what to do. He’s just kind of waiting to see what they tell him and what they are going to require of him.

``His agent and business manager are doing some stuff with the Bears that I am not privy to. He knows the Bears may release him. He hopes they don't. He knows he screwed up."

Benson released a statement, admitting to drinking and driving, but also saying, "I strongly believe that I am not guilty of any crime."  Maybe the problem is that he truly doesn't realize that drinking and driving/boating is in fact an actual crime?

Jerry Angelo is expected to give a statement of his own, possibly about giving Benson the boot, later this afternoon.